Evaluate, develop and maintain real-world decentralized applications of Blockchain. Assess use cases for Blockchain to provide design and architecture guidance.


Are you interested in the blockchain but unsure how to implement it? McBitss can help you develop a strategic approach to applying blockchain to your company and advise you on the different applications and possibilities implementing this technology. We will analyze your problems and utilize our technical knowledge to recommend the proper solutions.


Dedicated team at McBitss are eager to build blockchain applications for your company. The team consists of experts from diverse backgrounds who can develop solutions and business cases to match your specific issue. We can create a pilot project or proof of concepts with 40 hours free of cost to demonstrate a real-world solution to your technical or business difficulties.


In order to keep up with the constant innovation within the blockchain space, we research new blockchain technology developments every day. We can translate these new changes into use cases and new approaches to solve your technical challenges.


We educate companies on blockchain technology. Blockchain is a highly disruptive innovation that will transform financial systems and many other industries. We can familiarize you with this new technology and educate you on all the different aspects of the blockchain.

Blockchain for Business

Integrating Blockchain with Enterprise Applications


  • Enterprise Grade Blockchain
  • Transaction Speed
  • Simplified and Secure Smart Contracts
  • Track and Trace – serialization
  • Advanced Features (e.g. Off-Chain Storage, Private Keys Recovery, etc.)


  • Library of Building Blocks (APIs, Process Flows, Connectors)
  • Library of Smart Contract Templates
  • Common Methods and Proven Standards, Available Instantly
  • Quality Assurance Process
  • Develop and Publish your Apps & Assets

1. Contact us with your requirement

Send us your requirement with a short introduction by filling the contact form or mail to info@mcbitss.com

2. Get a free proof of concept

Identify a small module in your application and get a free 40 hour proof of concept.

3. Experience, evaluate and decide

Work live with the team and understand the working model and evaluate the quality of deliverable.

4. Collaborative approach to meet your goals

If you are satisfied with the output, we finalize a clear roadmap and targets for your needs.

Request a call back.

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