World around us is filled with data and everything we do generates data and also every decision we make is based on meaningful information derived from data. Our business process mostly involves  enterprise systems and their external interaction points. But to get meaningful information from these its often required to combine & analyze the data that is internally generated from various organizations within the enterprise as well as externally generated outside of our business.

DC3 This drives our core Data intelligence strategy


The DataCube or DC3 framework establishes this backbone dynamically with respect to Time. Your data is only as good as its time period and the flexible framework enables you to create custom analytical feeds with respect to time. DC3 framework support data from multiple sources and that include unconventional as well.  It has an easy way to configure for a one time or a repeatable collection of data from various different data sources including  XYZ.


Most of the volume data are irrelevant with respect to the context we are trying to analyze. So there is a great need to Cleanse the data with a context in mind when we are feeding in from different sources. DC3 framework gives you extensive tools to cleanse the data to fine tune and filter the information only that is relevant to the context of our analysis.


As the data sources increase so is the formats and different structures, the consolidation mechanism of the DC3 framework makes sure that data from various sources with various formats are consolidated into logical models These logical relational data models are creatable, configurable and extendable. This makes the user the author of their own analysis story and removes all the limitations. User can bring their own context when creating these consolidation data models which can also be merged with various data sources.

DC3 is a flexible framework solutions that can be customizable and extendable as per your Organization and Enterprise needs.


Data without visualization doesn’t provide any valuable insights. Although there are various frameworks for getting a meaningful information on data, sometimes a simplified approach is the most effective way.

The DC-DR-DA framework

Data Capture

In order to get any meaningful information from the data your analysis has to be constantly refined. To accomplish that organizations need to be able to visualize the data with respect to the individual context. The type of visualization might vary on what contextual information we are trying to formulate or analyze.

Data Reporting

Analysis had to be done with manipulations of various dynamic parameters in real time. This is the power of the Self- Service Dashboard. Al flexible plug and play framework which can leverage your existing data analysis platforms or use DC3 to present visual insights of various different formats, charts and patters.

Data Analysis

The presentation layer is fully configurable and manageable with the right visibility for the right role within your organization.
Interactive presentation layer allows user to test and manipulate different parameters to get the desired result and perform dynamic analysis.

Self-Service Dashboard design is a comprehensive, configurable dashboarding and presentation framework


Easy to use

  • Simple windows based user interface
  • Wizard based design to guide user step by step
  • One click installation


  • Dynamic template definition
  • Extensive data cleansing capabilities
  • Mashing multiple data sources to one target
  • Review and correction of erroneous data
  • User specific data layouts to hide/show
  • Ensitive information
  • Offline editing
  • Review/Approval workflow
  • Audit trail

Date Sources

  • In memory and server side data processing options available
  • Device friendly responsive design
  • Support for all the common data sources
  • Oracle
  • File Data sources [excel, XML, flat file ]
  • Integration with external webservices/API e.g. exchange rates, on premise master data
  • Support for both predefined and adhoc data sources
  • Cassandra


Easy to use

  • Simple and Intuitive user interface
  • Drag and drop of dashboard items, columns
  • Dashboard can be setup in minutes
  • Available as both web application and windows application


  • All common charting and graph options available
  • GRID
  • Chart (bar, pie )
  • Pivot
  • Card
  • Etc.
  • Mash up between multiple data sources
  • Multiple level of Drill down
  • Option to define calculated column

Date Sources

  • In memory and server side data processing options available
  • Device friendly responsive design

Date Sources

  • Support for all the common data sources
  • Oracle
  • File Data sources [excel, XML, flat file ]
  • SAP BW Query
  • OData for ( for SharePoint)
  • Can be extended through the object data source
  • Support for both predefined and adhoc data sources

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