Unified User Access Request management interface for managing access for applications across heterogeneous technology platforms.

Why access management is important?

Access Management is defined as the process of granting authorized users the right to use a service, while preventing access to non-authorized users. It is the process that enables users to use the services that are documented in the Service Catalogue.
Access Management is effectively the execution of both Availability and Information Security Management, in that it enables the organization to manage the confidentiality, availability and integrity of the organization’s data and intellectual property.
Access Management can be initiated by a Service Request through the Service Desk.

Access Management ensures that users are given the right to use a service, but it does not ensure that this access is available at all agreed times – this is provided by Availability Management.
Access Management is a process that is executed by all Technical and Application Management functions and is usually not a separate function. However, there is likely to be a single control point of coordination, usually in IT Operations Management or on the Service Desk.

Conditions for successful Access Management:

  • The ability to verify the identity of a user (that the person is who they say they are)
  • The ability to verify the identity of the approving person or body
  • The ability to verify that a user qualifies for access to a specific service
  • The ability to link multiple access rights to an individual user
  • The ability to determine the status of the user at any time (e.g. to determine whether they are still employees of the organization when they log on to a system)
  • The ability to manage changes to a user’s access requirements
  • The ability to restrict access rights to unauthorized users
  • A database of all users and the rights that they have been granted.

What our product can do for your business?


  • Simple and easy to use user interface even for business users
  • Access to multiple systems can be handled through common request for application access
  • Light weight Web based solution scalable to be used within enterprises
  • Based on standard technology set and no special training / resourcing required for support and enhancement
  • Ability to manage granular level access for the system
  • Zero License cost
  • Common status view to track/monitor all the underlying request to system access
  • No considerations required while designing application authorization for utilizing UAR tool for managing Access for the application
  • Detail audit trial available to meet compliance needs

Our solutions

  • Simple and easy to use user interface even for business users
  • Multi step configurable review approval workflow
  • Unified Access management Interface irrespective of access mechanism use underlying business application e.g. AD, GRC, Custom authorization etc.
  • Access to multiple systems can be handled through common request for application access e.g. One single Application access request which can encapsulate several AD Groups and GRC Request

Why UAR Tool ?

User Access Management reduces IT costs and support preventive compliance tasks by automating routine tasks through workflows and automation. The solution enforces request and approval policies and reduces the need for manual routine work by automating granting of birth rights and other privileges when employees onboard the organization, changes job, or leaves the organization.

Operational efficiency

Reliable Security

B2B Collaboration

Regulatory Compliance

User Experience

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