A Web based tool to support Human Resources, Business Partners to design new organizations. It offers a flexible and intuitive drag and drop user interface with possibility to include all the business rules for modelling new organizations.

Organization changes and restructuring is very common, though the reason can be many. E.g., change in strategy, new product line, Merger and Acquisition, Expansion etc. 

Traditional Human Resources and Business Partners used many different tools like excel sheet, PowerPoint, Visio etc. to model new organizations. However, they are steamily standalone and static in nature. These tools also lack integration with the ERP systems and intelligence for business rules. All this generates large volume of manual work.

This becomes more and more painful for highly dynamic and large organizations.Our tool offers highly dynamic visual approach to org modelling, where-in data flows from start to end in a controlled manner. This enables the users focus on the job in hand without worrying about internal factors like data integration, integrity, business rules etc.

4 Key Steps: Reorganization Process

1. Map the “As-Is” Org Structure

Gather all relevant HR data from across various systems. Possibility to build online integration or upload file feeds.

2. Select employee population or department to be re-structured

Break the entire organization into smaller groups of user population or departments, which can be re-organized independently. These smaller units can be assigned to individual associates.

3. Reorganize, review and finalize new Org Structure

Two-way communication is essential to identifying employees who could fill new roles. Asking about competencies, skills, and location preferences in a compliant way works wonders.

4. Send for Implementation

The finalized structures can be sent directly for implementation to the ERP system or can be shared with ERP team in agreed formats e.g. Excel, PowerPoint etc.

The value-added solutions we provide to clients stem from our ability to work together with management and team members to exceed the full range of their needs. We turn our ideas into actions and measurable results, working closely with clients to implement.

What you get?

Highlighting objects based on type and status

Split screen to drag and drop employees between two department

Organization Search

Map based Navigation


  • User friendly tool for re-organization processes
  • Intuitive Drag and Drop capabilities to organization modelling
  • Integration with ERP platforms for employee data e.g. SAP
  • Customizable access control
  • Upload/Download via excel template
  • Possibility to save different versions and scenarios
  • Configurable business rules e.g. Span of Control, Max Direct Report Count
  • Automatic data checks during upload and data change process
  • Time savings, quality and efficiency improvement
  • Allows modelling of multiple organization views Operational, Functional, and Geographical etc.
  • Review, approval and Audit Trail
  • Ability to split the organization in to smaller groups so that Re-org can managed at department/functional area/country or region level

Our solution

  • A Web based IT Front end Tool for organization modelling utilizing visual drag and drop interface

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